Our Closing Argument

Tonight, Trump was in Chattanooga for a rally to support Marsha Blackburn, doubling down on his hateful rhetoric before Tuesday’s election. From threats to end our constitutional right to birthright citizenship to vilifying asylum seekers and immigrants, Trump’s cruelty and desperation for political gain has no bounds.

Marsha Blackburn and other Tennessee candidates have followed the president’s lead by making immigration central to their campaigns, clouding the elections with hatred, racism, and shameless fear-mongering. Candidates have tried to use hate and fear to divide us and to scare people into voting for them. Tennesseans are better than that.

So, here’s our closing argument: Tennesseans know that immigrants and refugees are part of the fabric of our communities. Thousands of families have sought and found safety and opportunity in our state and are thriving.  No matter where we’re from, or how we got here, we all want what’s best for our state.

We just released a new ad called “Proud Tennesseans” that rejects these politics of fear and hate and urges voters to come together around our shared values and aspirations.

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We need politicians who recognize that immigrants and refugees are part of the fabric of our society -  that what makes Tennessee great is that it is a vibrant, welcoming state made up of people with different beliefs and backgrounds. Candidates for public office shouldn’t be scared to issue a robust defense of immigration, refugee resettlement, and asylum; it's fundamental to our nation’s character.

Tennesseans deserve politicians who will focus on the issues that actually matter to all of us - affordable healthcare, quality education, and opportunities for our children - not those who try and divide us by fanning the flames of fear and hate in order to score cheap political points.

That’s why we made this ad and why we’ve been reaching out to tens of thousands of Tennessee voters urging them to go to the polls this Tuesday. Together, we can make the difference this election.

If you didn’t vote early, please make a plan to go to the polls on Tuesday and vote for a Tennessee for all of us. Share this ad and urge your friends to go vote, too!

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Rebecca Hall