Protect Immigrant Families. Defend Our Values.
Turn The Tide In Tennessee.

TIRRC Votes strengthens and expands our democracy by building power in immigrant and refugee communities and advocating for equitable and inclusive public policy.

Affiliated with the Tennessee Immigrant & Refugee Rights Coalition (TIRRC).


 In response to the unrelenting assault on immigrant families and our fundamental American values, a new wave of electoral engagement among immigrants, refugees, their children, and pro-immigrant progressives is forming in Tennessee.

In August 2018, the Tennessee Immigrant and Refugee Rights Coalition (TIRRC) launched an affiliated 501(c)(4) social welfare organization - TIRRC Votes - to build political power for immigrant and refugee communities and to create a pro-immigrant majority in the state. 

After the 2018 elections, TIRRC Votes has emerged as the leading organization in Tennessee capable of building a new electorate, effectively mobilizing the state’s progressive base voters, and creating a model for effective, immigrant-led political organizations in the Southeast.

TIRRC Votes demonstrated the ability to lead large-scale voter engagement campaigns, reaching nearly 170,000 voters statewide in 2018 through a team of skilled staff and 93 paid canvassers, from nearly 20 countries, using a robust set of strategies including field, direct mail, and digital ads. Using a model of electoral campaigning rooted in community organizing and leadership development, TIRRC Votes is building the electoral infrastructure and a political talent pipeline within Tennessee’s most diverse communities. 



We launched TIRRC Votes to make sure that immigrants, refugees, and their allies are powerfully engaged in the critical elections this year. Join us by making a donation today! 

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