They're Coming for DACA, We're Going to the Polls

Tonight, on the eve of the critical mid-term elections, Trump's Justice Department just asked the Supreme Court to hear their case to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. This is an extraordinary measure and shows just how far the Trump administration is willing to go to end DACA and deport immigrant youth. 

There are more than 8000 DACA recipients who call Tennessee home and who can't cast their vote tomorrow. That's why if you have the right to vote, we need you to go to the polls tomorrow. We need to elect representatives who won't rubber stamp Trump's cruel agenda.

Our next Congress will have to choose - will they pass the Dream Act or will they let nearly 1 million immigrant youth across the country be put into the deportation pipeline?

In the race for our next U.S. Senator, the choice couldn't be more clear. Marsha Blackburn has led the charge to deport hundreds of thousands of undocumented youth, calling DACA a "lawless amnesty" and introducing two bills to end the program. Phil Bredesen says we have a moral obligation to undocumented youth and would support the Dream Act.

There are clear choices to make up and down the ballot. The race for U.S. Senate and many other elections tomorrow will be decided by a small number of voters. Please go vote tomorrow for Phil Bredesen and pro-immigrant candidates up and down the ballot

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Thanks for being a pro-immigrant voter!
If you didn't vote early, it's critical that you make a plan to vote tomorrow, November 6. Find your polling place here. Don't forget to bring a state or federally issued photo ID, like a Tennessee driver license or U.S. passport. Polls open at 7amCST/8amEST and will stay open until 7pmCST/8pmEST. Remember, as long as you're in line when the polls close, you have the right to cast your ballot. If you have questions or any problems at the polls, call us at 615.414.1030. For a list of recommended pro-immigrant candidates, visit our website. 

ICYMI: Yesterday, we released a powerful new ad. It's our closing argument for this election season. We're proud Tennesseans. We won't let politicians use fear to divide us. Tomorrow, we're voting for a Tennessee for all of us. Watch it here.

Rebecca Hall