Proud Tennesseans

In the weeks leading up to the 2018 midterm elections, candidates have tried to use hate and fear to divide us, to vilify immigrants and asylum-seekers to scare people into voting for them. 

Here in Tennessee, we know that immigrants and refugees are part of the fabric of our communities. Thousands of families have sought and found safety and opportunity in our state and are thriving. They share our values of community, fairness, and inclusivity, and they are invested in the growth and success of Tennessee.

Tennesseans deserve politicians who will focus on the issues that actually matter to all of us - affordable healthcare, quality education, and opportunities for our children - not those who try and divide us by fanning the flames of fear and hate in order to score cheap political points.

This November 6th, vote for a Tennessee for all of us.


Video by Ian Schofinski | Production Music Courtesy of

Rebecca Hall