Can You Hear the Dog Whistle?


Can you hear the dog whistle coming from Shelby County?

Last week, we announced our endorsement of Gabby Salinas, candidate for State Senate District 31. She is a cancer survivor and Bolivian immigrant running to increase access to care and opportunity for all residents of Shelby County. 

This week, her opponent, Brian Kelsey, sent out a racist mailer to residents of the district suggesting Gabby isn't a real Tennessean: "He's from here. He's one of us." These kind of attack ads mean Gabby's vision for District 31 is resonating with residents of Shelby County, but Brian Kelsey is trying to use her immigrant heritage against her. 

Residents of District 31 deserve a Senator who will work hard to represent the whole district, not divide residents into "us" and "them." 

Brian Kelsey's supporters are doubling down on the racist rhetoric. Senator Randy McNally just launched a $300,000 fear-mongering TV ad, warning that Gabby Salinas will "break" the Tennessee economy with her support of medicaid expansion and that she'll "open the borders" in defense of so-called sanctuary cities.

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They believe that they can win by using fear and hate. We need a Senator that can unite the district and do what's best for all residents of Shelby County. That's why we're supporting Gabby Salinas.

Can you contribute $3 to reject hate in Shelby County and support our campaign to elect Gabby Salinas? 

Your support will help us talk to more voters and make sure all voters in District 31 have a chance to make their voices heard this November.

Rebecca Hall