He Voted Against Immigrant Students. We're Going to Vote Him Out.

We started TIRRC Votes because we know that every vote counts. In 2015, our bill to grant in-state tuition to undocumented youth failed to become law by a single vote. 

Since then, Knoxville Representative Eddie Smith has been the deciding vote against immigrant youth and has prevented the Tuition Equality bill from making it to the House floor for another vote.

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Eddie Smith voted to keep immigrant students out of college - and now we're going to vote him out.

In 2017, Knoxville Representative Eddie Smith was the deciding vote to kill the Tuition Equality bill in the education committee. This year, he voted in support of an extreme bill that would have banned all non-citizens from being able to access in-state tuition rates, no matter how long they've lived in Tennessee.

We know that Tennesseans support in-state tuition for undocumented students and that Knoxvillians in House District 13 want to see their friends and neighbors have a fair shot at going to college. Eddie Smith is too extreme for House District 13.

That's why we're launching a robust Get Out the Vote campaign in House District 13 to defeat Eddie Smith and help elect Gloria Johnson to the State House. Undocumented youth, their teachers, and their allies will knock on thousands of doors between now and election day to elect a real champion for all students. 

Will you donate $3 to help us defeat Eddie Smith? 

We know state legislators fear anti-immigrant voters, but we have a chance to show legislators that pro-immigrant voters are organizing, too. Join us in showing the power of the pro-immigrant vote and winning more support in the legislature for Tuition Equality. 

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Rebecca Hall