We Endorse Joda Thongnopnua

When we elect people to represent our communities in the state legislature we hope that they'll fight to improve their districts and strengthen our whole state. But too often lawmakers prioritize divisive legislation to score cheap political points instead of advancing policies that improve the lives of working families across Tennessee.

We need to elect new leaders to our state legislature who will work hard to make life better for all of us, including immigrant families. That's why we're endorsing Joda Thongnopnua for House District 30.

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Joda is the son of two immigrant families who understands the challenges and opportunities that come with migrating to the US and how immigrants are a part of the fabric of our communities and the character of our country. His father immigrated to the U.S. from Thailand and his mother comes from an Italian-American family.

Growing up in East Ridge, Joda saw how his family was able to work their way into the middle class, but has since watched it become increasingly difficult for many Tennessee families to make ends meet. We need new leaders like Joda in the legislature who will focus on improving the lives of working families, not advancing divisive legislation and scapegoating immigrants. 

When he is elected to the General Assembly he'll be a tireless champion for expanding Medicaid, raising the minimum wage, and increasing access to opportunity for Tennesseans. Joda is the kind of leader we need to fight for a better future for all Tennessee families, including immigrants.

Will you help us elect Joda Thongnopnua to House District 30?

Rebecca Hall