Knock, knock


Still sorting through the election news?  

One of the biggest stories of last night is that Nashville voters want elected officials who will champion progressive, pro-immigrant policies. And when we vote together, we win.

Ten of our endorsed candidates won their races last night, and another ten advanced to the run-off election. We’re getting ready to knock on at least 6,000 more doors to make sure our pro-immigrant candidates win their elections on September 12.

Our candidates won because TIRRC Votes ran one of the largest canvass operations in the entire county. Our team knocked on more than 8,500 doors, and reached tens of thousands more voters via phone and mail. 

Our team was made up of 60 Nashvillians who want to see our city government pass bold policies to protect immigrant communities from deportation and invest in a better future for all of us. 

And we can’t stop now.

To elect a pro-immigrant majority to council, we need you to sign up and join our team for a canvass day between now and September 12 to help make sure our endorsed candidates make it across the finish line. Sign up for a shift!

If you’ve never canvassed before - no problem! We’ll provide you all the training you need to knock doors or make calls and encourage voters to support pro-immigrant candidates.

Sign up to join the team! 

We can win on September 12 and make sure that immigrant families have a powerful voice on council.

Rebecca Hall