Why We Spoke at Pete Buttigieg's Rally


This week we had the opportunity to address more than 1,000 people at a rally for presidential candidate Mayor Pete Buttigieg as he campaigned in Nashville. 

Immigrants and refugees are increasingly moving to communities outside of America’s traditional gateway cities, into cities and towns across the Southeast. The next chapter of our country’s immigration story is being written in communities just like ours. 

And communities like ours have a lot on the line in the next presidential election.

The next president must be ready to work with Congress and to use their executive authority to expand and strengthen our immigration system. But they will also need  to use their moral authority to help guide our country in a new direction, to help us transition into a more thriving, multicultural democracy.


TIRRC Votes is inviting all presidential candidates to visit with our members and communities while they campaign in Tennessee. Mayor Peteis the second presidential candidate to take advantage of this opportunity. Last week we met with democratic candidate Beto O'Rourke. We’re shaping not just the future of our cities and our state, but the whole country.  Together, we can continue to ensure immigrant communities in the deep south are represented on the national stage. 

Join us and become a member of TIRRC Votes today.


Watch our remarks at Mayor Pete's rally here, and read about our meeting with Beto here.

Rebecca Hall