Thanks For a Powerful First Year

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As we begin 2019, we want to thank you for helping us dream up, build, and launch TIRRC Votes last year, a powerful new political movement for immigrant rights in Tennessee.

In our first year together, we registered more than 1,000 new pro-immigrant voters who were ready to go to the polls for the critical midterm elections. Through all of our efforts, we reached nearly 170,000 voters in Tennessee. We had a team of 155 canvassers and volunteers representing more than 17 countries knock on almost 20,000 doors and make almost 17,000 phone calls to make sure pro-immigrant voters went to the polls in record numbers. Read more about our historic campaign here.

Despite the toxic rhetoric coming from the White House and our state legislature, in cities and towns across the state, Tennesseans have repeatedly come together to defend their immigrant neighbors and our shared values. In 2019, we'll take the power of TIRRC Votes to our local elections to elect real champions for immigrant families who can help us cast a new vision of safety and belonging in our local communities. We hope you'll join us again this year. 

In times like these - of unprecedented and relentless attacks on immigrant families and our values - we must have the courage and boldness of vision to imagine a better future for all Tennesseans and invest in long-term power building strategies like TIRRC Votes. Thanks so much for being part of it. 

Rebecca Hall