Knock, Knock

The last two years since Trump was elected have been devastating. 

But with this election, we have the chance to course correct. We can elect a new U.S. Senator to help reign in Trump’s anti-immigrant agenda. We can send a message to state legislators that voters want to pass in-state tuition for undocumented youth and reject extreme legislation like this year’s “mass deportation” bill (HB2315).

Since Trump’s election, tens of thousands of Tennesseans have marched and rallied together. We’ve called our legislators and shown up to their offices. Now we need to vote together.


These elections will be historic. That's why we've been going out every week knocking doors and talking to thousands of immigrant and progressive voters in Tennessee about why we need to vote together this November 6th.

By talking to first time and infrequent voters, we're making sure that everyone has the tools and information they need to go to the polls and join millions of Americans in deciding the future of our country. Join us in talking to as many voters as we can before Tuesday by making a donation or volunteering! 

Will you chip in $3 to help us so we can get more folks on the doors talking to voters in these critical, final days?

You can also join us to knock doors or call voters this week in Memphis, Nashville, or Knoxville. Sign up for a shift today!

Need some inspiration? Watch this video of two of our incredible canvassers, Vy and Nethmi, two first-generation immigrant youth in Nashville who are making sure their community is going out to vote.

Rebecca Hall