Voter Recommendations

Below are the candidates we recommend to pro-immigrant voters in the 2018 midterm elections. To find the candidates running in your district visit here.

gabby sized.png

Gabby Salinas
Senate District 31

gloria sized.png

Gloria Johnson
House District 13

joda sized.png

Joda Thongnopnua
House District 30


Phil Bredesen, Preferred
U.S. Senate

Karl Dean, Preferred


Richard Briggs, Preferred
Senate District 7

Mary Alice Carfi, Endorsed
Senate District 17

Jeff Yarbro, Endorsed
Senate District 21


Wade Munday, Endorsed
Senate District 25

Gabby Salinas, Endorsed
Senate District 31

Gloria Johnson, Endorsed
House District 13

Mallory Pickert, Endorsed
House District 24

Jason Powell, Endorsed
House District 53

Mark White, Preferred
House District 83

Coleen Martinez, Endorsed
House District 89

Justin Davis, Endorsed
House District 14

Joda Thongnopnua, Endorsed
House District 30

John Ray Clemmons, Endorsed
House District 55

Barbara Cooper, Endorsed
House District 86

Dwayne Thompson, Endorsed
House District 96

Bob Ramsey, Preferred
House District 20

Jennifer Vannoy, Endorsed
House District 34

Andrea Bond-Johnson, Endorsed
House District 82

Larry Miller, Endorsed
House District 88

Allan Creasy, Endorsed
House District 97

Vote Against Hate

These three candidates are among the most anti-immigrant candidates running for the Tennessee General Assembly. We urge pro-immigrant voters to vote against these dangerous individuals.

Dawn White
Senate District 13

White was a lead sponsor of the “2018 White Supremacist Bill of the Year (HB 2552),” that would have penalized local elected officials from voting to protect immigrant families or remove confederate monuments.

John Ragan
House District 33

Ragan has sponsored several anti-immigrant bills over the years. Most recently, he was the lead sponsor of a failed bill (HB 2582) that would have kept Tennessee immigrant youth out of college by making in-state tuition only available to Tennessee citizens.

Jay Reedy
House District 74

Reedy was the lead sponsor of the “Mass Deportation Bill (HB2315),” which passed the TN General Assembly and became law despite objections from immigrant communities, educators, faith leaders, criminal justice attorneys, law enforcement, and advocates of survivors of domestic and sexual violence. During committee discussion, Reedy used an ethnic slur when talking about members of the Latino community.