Nashville Municipal Elections

Voter Recommendations

TIRRC Votes has endorsed the following candidates for the Nashville elections.

Runoff Election Day is September 12. Early voting is from August 23 - Steptember 7.
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Since defeating the English Only referendum ten years ago, Nashville has prided itself on being a welcoming city. Through the constant attacks of the Trump administration, these values have consistently been on display as thousands of Nashvillians have marched and rallied to oppose every threat to the safety of immigrant and refugee families.

It’s time for our policies and elected officials to uphold the values, sense of responsibility, and urgency that Nashvillians feel to protect immigrant families.

That’s why we’re going all out to elect a pro-immigrant majority to the Metro Council on September 12.

Twelve races - nearly a third of the Metro Council - will be decided in the upcoming run-off election. Many of these races will be decided by a small number of votes -- and pro-immigrant voters can make the difference in these elections. 

We’re investing all of our resources in electing a historically diverse and pro-immigrant council.

We have the opportunity to elect candidates who are ready to use the full power of their offices to reflect a Nashville that goes beyond welcoming and prioritizes these issues at this historic moment. 

We’re proud to announce our endorsements in each council race for candidates who will advance a progressive agenda for our city, safeguard the rights of immigrants, and cast a new vision of belonging in our communities. 

Pro-immigrant voters will shape the outcome of the election. Together, we can put the Metro Council in its strongest position ever to implement pro-immigrant policies and make Nashville a truly welcoming city in this historic moment.


At Large Council Members:

Burkley Allen

Fabian Bedne

Sharon Hurt (new endorsement)

Zulfat Suara

Council District 2:
Kyonztè Toombs (new endorsement)

Council District 7:
Emily Benedict (new endorsement)

Council District 13:
Russ Bradford

Council District 16:
Ginny Welsch

Council District 21:
Edward T. Kindall / Brandon Taylor (new, dual endorsement)

Council District 23:
Mina Johnson

Council District 26:
Jeremy Elrod 

Council District 30:
Sandra Sepulveda